Wisse Moving, Full-service international moving company

Wisse Moving is a full-service international moving company in Spain, with offices and storage facilities in Barcelona and Madrid. We offer a door-to-door solution for all your moving needs.

We have more than 10 years of experience in all types of removals. Our goal is to make your move as easy and flawless as possible.

Full-service International Moving Company

A detailed, free proposal

In Wisse Moving we adapt ourselves to the modern times. In order to prepare a proposal for a move, we do the pre-move survey by video call. Doing a pre-move survey by video call has many advantages over a traditional, in-person visit: it is quick, easy to organize at very short notice, safe (you don’t have to receive anyone in your home), and respectful with the environment. Apply for your pre-move survey here.

From the proposal to the delivery

We have been providing our clients with an outstanding service since 2009. Our goal is to find a fitting solution for each particular moving need.

Wisse Moving can move you from Spain to anywhere. We’re a full-service international moving company. No destination is too remote for us!

Why choose Wisse Moving?

There are many reasons to choose Wisse Moving for your move: years of experience, personalized service, quality packaging, a global network of agents, insurance options, customs clearance services and many more.

Wisse Moving has been taking care of international moving since 2009. We are a family company, and we understand the needs of families (and other expats) moving from one country to another.

Planning ahead and good communication are the keys to a successful move. Your belongings are in good hands with Wisse Moving!

Professional Packaging

The most important thing in an international move is that all the goods arrive in perfect conditions at their destination. Our packers are professionals with years of experience. Our company will make sure that all the goods will be packed in a professional manner.

Here you can see some examples of how we pack.

Professional packaging

Member of the IAM

Wisse Moving has been a core member of the prestigious International Association of Movers (IAM) since 2010. With this global network of international moving companies, we can offer you the same high quality of service in Spain as in any other country. Independently of the collection or delivery place, we take care of the whole process, with packaging and customs clearance. We only work with agents that uphold a high quality service and have years of experience, like us.

International Association of Movers

Featured Destinations

Wisse Moving is a full-service international moving company. We offer a moving service around the globe. Below you can find some of our frequent destinations. If you don’t see the country of your destination, just contact us. We’re certain that we can assist you!

Moving to Spain

We can take care of your move from anywhere in the world to Spain. We’ll handle packaging and customs clearance. Moving to Spain has never been so easy!

Moving to The Netherlands

Our roots are in the Netherlands. This is one of the reasons that we offer high-quality moves between Spain and The Netherlands. We speak Dutch, and with our network of agents, we can offer you a personalized solution for your move. We have weekly part-load options between Spain and Holland.


Moving to the United States

Since many years we have been experts in moving to the United Stated from Spain. Our services include professional packaging, customs clearance, transport insurance and much more.

Moving to the USA from Spain. Moving to New York.

Moving to Canada

Each year there are more people moving to Canada from Spain. The work opportunities and the sympathetic people in Canada make this country one of the most popular destinations to move to at the moment. Wisse Moving will make sure that all of your belongings arrive without any problem to their destination.

Moving in the EUropean Union

Moving within the European Union is relatively easy. As there are no borders and no customs have to be cleared, it can be just as easy as moving from one street to another in the same city. In the majority of countries in the EU we offer regular part-load transport. To other countries, as Greece, Ireland and Malta, we carry out moves by sea container. Just ask us, and we’ll offer you a custom-made solution for your particular situation.

Moving to the UK

In spite of the Brexit we keep on moving people from Spain to the United Kingdom, and from the United Kingdom to Spain. Until December 31st 2020 it will be the same situation as before: no customs have to be cleared if you’re move to or from the UK.

With our weekly part-load moving service between Spain and the United Kingdom we can take care of your move with an attractive price-quality ratio.

Moving to Germany

Germany is Europe’s economical engine. For many people this country offers a very attractive job situation.

Wisse Moving offers weekly part-load transports from Madrid, Barcelona and many other cities to Germany.

Moving to France

The number one destination for international moving from Spain is France. It’s nearby and there are great job opportunities. Many expats and companies settle themselves every year in France.

Wisse Moving offers a weekly part-load transport between Spain and France.

Moving to France from Spain. Moving to Paris.

Moving to Australia

Australia offer many opportunities to start a new life. Although it’s far away, many Europeans migrate every year to Australia. We also move many Australians back to their country.

Due to its sympathatic inhabitants and job opportunities, Australia is a good place to consider moving to. Wisse Moving will take care of the packaging and customs clearance. Your move to Australia is in good hands with us!

What our clients say about Wisse Moving

Having satisfied customers is very important to us. We handle every single move as it were our own. We understand that an international move can cause a lot of stress, and we do whatever we can in order to make the process easier. In order to keep improving we love to hear what our clients think of our services. Here you can find some of our clients’ reviews of our moving service.

Wisse Moving Reviews