Door-to-door moving to Thailand from Spain

Wisse Moving is the expert in Spain for your move to Thailand. We offer a door-to-door service. Wisse Moving packs your belongings in any city in Spain, and we deliver to your new home in Thailand. We have storage option both in Spain and in Bangkok. Customs clearance and transport insurance are also taken care of. Wisse Moving is a member of the International Association of Movers (IAM). You can relax while Wisse Moving handles all the aspects of your move to Thailand from Spain!

Moving to Thailand from Spain
Moving to Thailand from Spain

Free proposal for moving to Thailand from Spain

When you have to move to Thailand, all you have to do is contact us. You can make an appointment with one of our consultants, and we’ll schedule a pre-move survey by video call. The video call can be made anytime and anywhere. If you have a particularly large amounts of goods or much packaging to be done, then we can also decide on vitising you in person. However, in most cases doing a video call is the most effective and efficient solution. After we determine the volume of your move we will make a detailed proposal based on the volume, access situation, packaging to be done and on the rest of your preferences. We’ll also bear in mind your preferred dates, and we’ll take into account any storage that you might need between collection and delivery.

Packaging of personal items and furniture

When you’re moving to Thailand, we always take care of packaging your personal belongings into boxes, and of disassembling (if required) of the furniture. Our crew will come to your home with all the necessary materials, which will be included in the budget for your move. If you have any particularly fragile or valuable items, we might decide to prepare a special packaging or a wooden crate. The most important success factor for a move is that the goods arrive in perfect conditions at their destination!

Packaging of a mirror
Packaging of a mirror

Part-load transport or full container

There are basically three ways to carry out a move to Thailand from Spain:

  • Full container load or FCL. We pack and collect at your residence in Spain. Then we load your goods in sea container, and we ship it only with your goods to Thailand. We take care of customs clearance both in Spain and in Thailand, in we unpack the goods at their destination. This is a very good option if you move both personal belongings and furniture.
  • Part-load container or LCL. We pack and collect your goods in Spain, and we crate them into a “liftvan”. A liftvan is a multilayer cardboard crate. It is very resistant, light weight, inexpensive and adaptable in size. The liftvan will be loaded into a sea container together with other goods, and shipped to Thailand. At destination we deliver and unpack. This is a good option if you don’t ship any or little furniture, and if the move is not very urgent.
  • Airfreight. We pack and collect in Spain, send the goods to Thailand by plane, and deliver to your residence. This is the best option if you need the goods to arrive quickly, and if you have only a limited amount of boxes.
A liftvan
A liftvan

Customs clearance in Thailand

Required documents for moving to Thailand from Spain

In order to import your move in Thailand, the goods will have to be customs cleared. Wisse Moving and our agents will handle this for you. The documents you would need for customs clearance are:

  • Passport (one-year visa, issued by immigration in Thailand, is required for duty free import)
  • Packing list (Wisse Moving will prepare this upon collection)
  • Work permit
  • Bill of lading, sea way bill or air waybill (Wisse Moving will take care of this)
  • 90 day business class visa (non Thai immigrants)

Apart from these documents, bear in mind the following

  • The move must arrive to Thailand within 6 months of the owner’s first arrival
  • Only used furniture and personal effects are allowed, no new items
  • Only one electrical appliance of each kind is allowed duty-free (for example, 1 tv, 1 toaster). Double items are dutiable
  • Household goods must come from the country where the owner of the goods has been staying or working before moving to Thailand.
  • One air shipment and one sea shipment are allowed to be imported duty free. Additional shipments are dutiable
  • The owner of the goods can enter Thailand with a 90 days “class B” (business) non-immigrant visa.
  • The owner of the goods has a 12 month work permit, and a 12 month visa stamped by immigration in Thailand.
  • Retirement / tourist / non – immigrant O visa holders must pay duties.
  • Retirement visa holders must pay duties for household goods except used personal effects (for example books, clothes, shoes).

If you are a diplomat or a returning Thai citizen please contact us for specific information. Note that this information should only be used as a rough guide: the desicion whether you can import the move duty free depends on Thai authorities.

  • Cindy S. ★★★★★
    Absolutely perfect from moving day in Spain to delivery in USA. Extremely happy with their service. Highly recommended!!!!
  • Stephanie S. ★★★★★
    Within 3 days everything was picked up in Amsterdam The Netherlands and moved to Madrid Spain. Excellent care for my belongings, great packaging to make sure everything stays in a good condition and also very responsive. A move abroad without … More any stress!
  • andy B. ★★★★★
    We used Wisse Moving in August 2022 to pack and put our belongings in storage in Madrid for 7 months. In March 2023 we moved back to the UK. We dealt with Rene throughout this process and he was great, always available friendly and professional. … More After unpacking we realized what a wonderful job of packing they did, we had NO breakages! Thank you Rene and your team. I would definitely use them again!

The following items cannot be imported, or cannot be included in your move to Thailand from Spain:

  • Alcohol, wine, spirits
  • Food
  • Antigues and objects of art (A permission from the Fine Arts Department is required)
  • Weapons, ammunition, firearms, explosives etc.
  • Animals or plants
  • Toys, baby items, office items including files, bicycles, exercise equipment, sport equipment, golf sets, and certain luxury items including crystal glasses and porcelain vases, and fax machines are all dutiable and are not considered by Customs for duty exemption especially coming in via air freight.
  • Buddha heads, non full-figure Buddhas or religious items
  • shortwave radios
  • Pornographic and/or obscene objects
  • Counterfeit currency, counterfeit coins etc.
  • Medical equipment
  • Gold, silver, money, coins etc.