Wisse Moving can take care of your move to Singapore from Spain. Our service is door-to-door. We take care of packaging, customs clearance and unpacking in your new residence. We offer transport insurance, and temporal storage if required. Wisse Moving is a member of the IAM, International Association of Movers. This ensures you that you get the same quality service in Singapore as in Spain. Contact us now for a free quote!

Moving to Singapore
Moving to Singapore

Proposal for your move to Singapore

When you move to Singapore the first thing to do is to get a budget for your move. You can contact Wisse Moving, and we will schedule a pre-move survey. We can make an appointment anytime for a survey by video call. You can show your belongings to a professional move consultant, and we will estimate the volume of your goods. We will also check the access situation to your residence. Furthermore we’ll bear in mind any special items that may need special wrapping. You can also ask any questions that you might have.

If you have an especially big house, a very large amount of goods, or a lot of items that need special wrapping, then we might schedule a fysical pre-move survey. One of our consultants would then go to your residence in person, and estimate the goods there. In the vast majority of cases a pre-move survey by video call is the most effective and efficient method.

Packing Service

Packaging of a mirror
Packaging of a mirror

For your move to Singapore we offer a complete packing service. On the moving day, our crew will bring all the necessary materials. We will pack all personal items into boxes. The furniture will be disassembled (if required) and duly wrapped. If you have any particularly fragile or valuable objects, we might decide to crate them or to prepare some other special wrapping. The most important thing about moving is that everything arrives in perfect conditions at its destination.

Part-load Transport or Sea Container

For a move from Spain to Singapore there are different transport options:

  • By Sea Container or Full Container Load (FCL). We would pack and collect your goods in Spain. After collection we load everything into a sea container. The sea container would be transported directly from the nearest port in Spain to the port of Singapore. The sea container option is perfect if you have a large number of boxes with furniture.
  • By part-load sea container or LCL (Loose Container Load). After packing and collection, we crate your goods into a “liftvan”. A liftvan is a multilayer cardboard crate. This liftvan is loaded into a groupage container together with other goods, and is shipped to Singapore. There we deliver to your residence and unpack. This option is perfect for a certain number of boxes, and if you don’t bring any furniture.
  • By air. This is the fastest option. We pack and collect in Spain, prepare the goods for aerial transport, and send it on the first available plane to Singapore. This is a good option for urgent moves, with a limited number of boxes. Especially for volumes between 1 and 3 cubic metres it might be worth considering.
A liftvan
A liftvan

All transport methods are equally safe. All options are door-to-door, and include packaging and customs clearance. The choice bertween the options is merely economical. Wisse Moving will find the best option for your particular move, based on your preferences.

Customs clearance in Singapore

Wisse Moving will take care of customs clearance when you are moving to Singapore. We will handle customs formalities both in Spain and in Singapore. In order to import your move, you would need the following documents. Note that this information is purely a rough guideline. The final desicion whether you can import your move in Singapore depends on the cusotms authorities. Requirements may change any moment without prior warning.

  • Cindy S. ★★★★★
    Absolutely perfect from moving day in Spain to delivery in USA. Extremely happy with their service. Highly recommended!!!!
  • Stephanie S. ★★★★★
    Within 3 days everything was picked up in Amsterdam The Netherlands and moved to Madrid Spain. Excellent care for my belongings, great packaging to make sure everything stays in a good condition and also very responsive. A move abroad without … More any stress!
  • andy B. ★★★★★
    We used Wisse Moving in August 2022 to pack and put our belongings in storage in Madrid for 7 months. In March 2023 we moved back to the UK. We dealt with Rene throughout this process and he was great, always available friendly and professional. … More After unpacking we realized what a wonderful job of packing they did, we had NO breakages! Thank you Rene and your team. I would definitely use them again!

Required documents for moving to Singapore

  • Copy of passport
  • Copy of green card or employment pass (both sides)
  • Seaway bill, bill of lading or airway bill (Wisse Moving will take care of this)
  • Packing list (Wisse Moving will prepare this upon collection)
  • Declaration of facts form
  • List of liquors and alcohol (if applicable)
  • Supplementary customs declaration form
  • Goods and services tax relief form (GST)

If you are a diplomat or if you have any particular situation, please contact us and we’ll inform you of the possibilties.

  • Duty exemption will be given if all the above documents are in order
  • The goods have to be in the owner’s possession and used for at least three months
  • The goods have to imported within 6 months of the owner’s arrival to Singapore
  • If the goods are imported later than 6 months after the owner’s arrival, then 7% of GST is chargeable over the value of the goods and of the freight rate.
  • For returning Singapore residents: you will have to have lived more than 6 months outside of Singapore in order to import your goods without paying duties.
  • Failure to declare all items or pay taxes due may result in prosecution, fines, and/or imprisonment.

Prohibited items for moving to Singapore

The following items are prohibited for importing into Singapore, and/or cannot be included in your move:

  • Intoxicating Liquors
  • Tobacco products, e-cigarettes, imitation tobacco products, shisha
  • Petroleum products
  • Liquors labelled “Singapore Duty Not Paid”
  • Chewing gum, chewing tobacco
  • Any substance containing nicotine
  • snuff
  • Any kind of weapon, explosives, ammunition
  • Narcotics, drugs
  • Animals or any products made from animals
  • Plants
  • Firecrackers and fireworks
  • Counterfeit currences
  • Obscene articles, pornographic books, materials, publications on video tapes / discs and software
  • Reproduction of copyright publications, video tapes, video compact discs, laser discs, records or cassettes
  • Seditious and treasonable materials
  • Bullet proof clothing
  • Prerecorded cartridges, cassettes, films, video tapes, laser discs etc.
  • Medicines
  • Telecommunication or radio comminication equipments, walkie-talkies