Frequently asked questions about moving
Frequently asked questions about moving

Most people don’t move regularly from one country to another. You can find some of the most frecuently asked questions about moving on this page. If you have any further questions, don’t hesitate to ask!

What does a move cost?

This is one of the most frecuently asked questions about moving. The price of a move depends on several factors: the volume of the goods, the origin and destination addresses, accessability to the residences, the amount of packaging required, cost of parking permits, whether storage is required and the availability of teams and equipments.

How can I get a quote for my move?

You can contact Wisse Moving by phone, email, chat or whatsapp. We will make an appointment for a pre-move survey by video call. If your move is especially small we can also determine the volume over the phone or by email. If you move is especially large then we may decide to do a pre-move survey in person.

How much time in advance do I have to book my move?

For an international move, we recommend applying for quotes about 2 months in advance. It would be recommendable to book your move with at least a month in advance, especially in the Summer season when there are many people wanting to move.

Do I have to pack my own boxes?

Wisse Moving can take care of packaging all your personal belongings into boxes. If you move internationally this is the most common option. Our crew would bring all the boxes and everything will be duly packed. For a move outside of the EU we always pack the boxes.

If you move within the EU or locally, then you can pack your own boxes as well. The total price for the move will be lower, but you have to be a bit handy and have enough spare time.

Do I have to disassemble the furniture?

Wisse Moving will disassemble furniture only if this is necessary. If you have smallish furniture, like chests of drawers, nightstands, chairs, side table etc etc., it would be normally better not to disassemble them. For larger items like bed, wardrobes, large tables etc., we will handle the disassembling.

Do I have to pack the furniture?

Wisse Moving will always take care of protecting the furniture. For local moves and moves within the EU we usually wrap the furniture with blankets. For overseas moves and for especially fragile or valuable pieces of furniture we would “export wrap” the furniture. We will take care of duly protecting all the furniture for any move we carry out.

What is the best method for moving?

The best method to carry out your move depends on many factors: the addresses, the volume, whether the goods have to arrive urgently, availability of teams and equipments etc. We will find the best option for your particular case.

Can I move to any country with Wisse Moving?

Wisse Moving is an expert in international move from and to Spain. We can handle your move to most countries in the world. We have done moves to exotic countries like BoraBora, Trinidad & Tobago, South Sudan and Iran. We have a very complete door-to-door service to almost any country.

Does my move have to be customs cleared?

Whether your move has to be customs cleared depends on where you are moving from and moving to. For moves within the European Union, normally customs clearance is not required. For moves to or from countries that are not EU members customs clearance is always required. Wisse Moving takes care of the customs clearance.

Will my move be insured?

Wisse Moving offers a transport insurance for all services carry out. The premium depends on the value of your goods, and of the origen and destination. Contact us and we’ll inform you in detail.

What payment methods are there?

For an international move, you normally pay 50% upon reserving our services, and the rest on the first day of the move. Payment is by bank transfer, never in cash or with cheques. At this moment we cannot take payment by debit/credit card.

Do I have to pay VAT on my move?

The rules for payment of IVA /VAT are as follows:
– If you are a private clientmoving within the EU including the United Kingdom you pay IVA 21% on all moving services.
– If the invoice goes in the name of a non-Spanish company with a valid European VAT number then you don’t pay IVA. You can check whether your company has a valid EU VAT number here.
– If your move is an export outside of the EU, or an import into the EU, then you don’t pay IVA over the moving services.

I need an invoice in my company’s name. Is that possible?

We will make the invoice either in your name or in a company’s name. In order to prepare the invoice we need:
– In the name of a private person: full name, address and DNI or NIE number. We might need a copy of your DNI or NIE and passport.
– In the name of a company: name of the company, address and CIF or VAT number.

Can Wisse Moving store my goods?

Yes, we offer temporal storage all over the world. We are a member of the International Association of Movers (IAM), for which we can offer storage in all the main cities. The storage costs depend on the location of the storage and the volume of the goods.

Can Wisse Moving assemble my furniture after delivery?

Yes, we can assemble your furniture as well after delivery. Depending on the work to be done extra charges may apply.

Can I include any type of goods in my move?

A move usually consists of things that can be found at home that are for personal use, in other words personal belongings and used furniture. Other objects, such as medicines, alcohol, plants, animals, weapons, perishable or dangerous things etc. may be prohibited from including in a move. We will inform you of the restrictions when preparing the proposal.

Can I include plants in my move?

In a local move, or direct moves within the EU there is usually no problem.
For part-load moves, moves that have to go through storage, or shipping by container or by air, plants cannot be included.

Can I include medicines in my move?

We recommend never to take medications in the move. In many countries it is not allowed to take medicines as part of the move, or require to show prescriptions. To avoid problems, we do not accept medications as part of an international move.

Can I take food in my move?

It depends. You can never include open food containers or perishable food. Non-perishable food, such as closed cans or bottles of olive oil, can be brought to destinations within the EU. For removals by container or outside the EU we will inform you depending on the country. As a general rule we do not accept food.

Can I include alcohol / wine in my move?

One of the most frecuently asked questions about moving is if wine can be included in the move.
Within the EU there is no problem, as long as it is a quantity for personal consumption.
For Islamic countries alcohol can never be included.
For most countries there are restrictions or it is prohibited.
To other countries (eg Canada, Australia or Singapore), declaring alcohol and having an import permit, it can be taken. Of course, import duties would be paid on alcohol.
For moving to Canada, alcohol cannot be included in winter: due to the low temperatures the bottles can freeze.

Can I bring weapons in my move? If I have a weapons permit?

We NEVER accept weapons or ammunition in a move, not even if you have a weapons permit.

Are there other forbidden goods I should know about?

Above all, what cannot be included in a move is of common sense: anything perishable, dangerous, toxic, radioactive must be left out of the move. This includes gas bottles, firecrackers or fireworks, bottles of bleach etc.

Can I travel in the same truck or van with the move?

No, it is strictly forbidden to travel in the truck or van together with your move. Furthermore we often do part-load transports with large trucks that carry several moves. These trucks make stops on the way to load and unload moves.