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Budget for Moving

Budget for Moving

If you’re planning a move, the best way to start is to contact with a professional moving company and get a budget for moving. It is important to have an expert assess you, and simplify the process of moving.

Moving to Barcelona
Moving to Barcelona

Moving consultant

You can discuss preferences with a moving consultant. You will have to decide on the goods you want to move. If you’re moving to another continent, you might want to reduce the volume of your goods in order to reduce the price. This is especially the case for part-load moves, or airfreight. Sometimes it’s a good idea not to move inexpensive or IKEA-style furniture to another country.

Packaging of boxes

Another desicion you would have to make is whether you pack your own boxes. A professional mover can also take care of the packaging of personal items in boxes. It would be a good thing to consider once you’re prepaing a budget for moving. The advantages of having your packaging done by a professional are many:

Packaging of glassware
Packaging of glassware
  • You save a lot of time.
  • You don’t have to buy packing materials separately
  • The packaging will be done professionally
  • The transport insurance would cover breakages inside boxes

How to estimate the volume

An important factor of the budget for moving is the volume of your goods. Usually, the bigger the volume, the higher the price. Especially in part-load moves the difference between one volume or another can be significant. But how can you estimate the volume of your move? This in fact is quite easy:

  • A pre-move survey by video call. You install an app, set a time with your moving consultant, and you can show him/her your goods with your smartphone. This is a very efficient and fast way to have the volume of your goods estimated. You can plan a video call anytime, and you don’t have to receive anyone in your home. A video call can also be set up from one moment to another, at the time it suits you. Another advantage is ecological: there is no need for the consultant to travel to your home. Even if you live in another country than the moving consultant, or in a remote area, it would be possible to have a professional estimate the volume and prepare the move properly.

We usually use Google Meet for pre-move surveys by video call. You can download it for Android or for Iphone.

  • You can email a list of your goods to the moving company.
  • It is possible to do a physical pre-move survey to your home. This is a good option if you have a very large amount of goods, or many very delicate objetc that need crating or special wrapping. For most moves a survey by video call is the best option though.

  • N T. ★★★★★
    A few words of appreciation for the wonderful experience I had with Wisse Moving for the move of my household goods from Malaga to San Francisco. After contacting three moving companies it soon became evident to me that Wisse Moving based … More in Barcelona would be able to address all my needs, including communication in English as they have a bilingual staff. They answered all my questions and concerns and offered competitive prices. The door-to-door service was completely transparent on the basis of a fixed price proposal, with no surprises or hidden charges. The service included collection of goods from Malaga, crating them into liftvans, transport of goods by sea container, customs clearance in Spain as well as USA, terminal handling/port charges and delivery to the final destination. The estimated times of transport and delivery were communicated at the time of booking and were quite reasonably accurate. The pickup and delivery crew were prompt and the goods arrived in perfect condition. My contact person, Mr. René Wisse, is a cordial, knowledgeable and professional gentleman and I would highly recommend their services. / Nasser Tufail
  • Ilya P. ★★★★★
    I am completely satisfied with the whole service provided to me. It was done on a short notice, all the details were communicated timely and accurately. The collection of the items was performed quickly and carefully, coordination with … More the receiving agency was done transparently and I have received all my items in perfect condition. Even when some of my stuff was not fitting in the standard packaging solutions were found.I would definitely recommend (and I have) working with René to anyone who wants a good moving service.
  • Ben C. ★★★★★
    We contracted with Wisse to move our house from Marbella in Spain to San Francisco. Through the whole process Rene and the team were so very responsive to the huge number of questions we had as this was our first move of this size. The … More service end to end was just fantastic and I would highly recommend Wisse for any relocation.

A detailed proposal your move.

After the volume is estimated, your mover can prepare a detailed proposal for your move. Apart from the volume, other factors that have to be taken into account are:

  • The addresses. It is important to know whether a small or a large truck can get to your residence. Also we would have to forsee if an outside elevator is needed. In most places a parking permit would also be required.
  • The services you require. The price is not the same if you have all the boxes already prepared, or if you need a service with packaging. Your moving company can also disassemble and assemble your furniture if required.
  • Are there especially delicate or valuable items? Sometimes delicated ornaments, or valuable paintings would need special wrapping, or even crating, in order to get them safely to their destination.
  • Are there especially heavy or bulky items? If you have a piano, massive wooden furniture, or a huge double-door fridge, special equipments might be necessary. We might have to use more porters, or maybe a crane or outside elevator. It is not recommendable to move especially heavy items like a piano yourself. The piano and the property are likely to get damaged, and you have a big chance of hurting yourself in the process!
  • Do you need insurance? Just ask your consultant about the rates and other options.
  • Do you need storage? Wisse Moving offers storage all over the world.
Packaging of a mirror
Packaging of a mirror

Budget for moving in writing

We advise always to get a proposal in writing from a legitimate company. Wisse Moving prepares a quote in writing for all our clients. All the inclusions and exclusions are detailed. The payment methods are clear.

It is also important to make sure that the company is legitimate. There a many moving companies, and many different prices. It might be a warning sign if the price quoted is very low: the workers might not have insurance, or might not even have a contract or any experience in moving whatsoever. Some companies offer services without VAT: this is illegal, and risky for the person that is moving. You would not have any security that your move would arrive safe at its destination. If something goes wrong you would have no way of claiming. We recommend always to ask for a formal invoice. An indicator that you are dealing for a legitimate company is that it is a member of an association of movers, such as the IAM.