1. Proposals

The proposal is valid if your move or storage takes place within the next 30 days or before the date indicated in the proposal. We can modify the proposal if:

  • You do not accept the proposal, and you ask us to realise a different service after 30 days, in which case we will quote you accordingly, or
  • You ask us to move or storage additional items, or to carry out additional services. If this is the case, then you will have to communicate this to us as soon as possible, so we can inform you of the increment in price. If you let us know on the same day of the move, then the additional items will not be moved nor will the additional services be carried out until we have agreed upon a new price, or
  • If additional resources or services are required due to unforeseen difficulties in the access situations. The additional services will no be provided until a new prices has been agreed upon, or
  • If the items are delivered to a storage facility, and you request to inspect the goods whilst in storage,
  • If the move has to be carried out on a weekend or holiday by your request, unless agreed with us beforehand in writing, or
  • If the volume or quantity, or gross weight of the items to be moved is superior to the quoted volume, quantity or gross weight.
  • If our costs have been increased due to changes in exchange rates, taxes, or transport costs outside of our control

We will apply the costs for sea freight, airfreight or road transport valid upon the shipping date.

2. Services not included

Unless agreed otherwise in writing, our rates do not included assembling or disassembling machinary and accessories, disconnecting or connecting appliances or other devices, installing or uninstalling wooden floor, carpets etc., moving loaded fridge/freezers, moving airconditionings and similar devices, or other objects specifically excluded. If you want to move these kinds of objects, we recommend contacting the manifacturer or other adequetely cualified providers.

Other services not included are amongst others: carpenter, electrician, plumber, handyman, maid, cleaning, gestorías, courier and any other third party service, or not related to a standard removals service.

If any of our emplyees carries out services at your request, without having agreed a price with Wisse Moving beforehand in writing, these would be carried out without our authorization, and not within the employees working relationship with Wisse Moving. Wisse Moving will not be responsable for any possible damages or loss caused by carrying out non-authorized services.

3. Your responsabilities

You agree:

  • To be present or represented during the move to make sure that no objects that have to be moved are left behind, or that no items are removed erroneously.
  • To organise adequate protection for items that are deposited in uninhabited or unguarded places, where other people, such as residents or workers, are present. If you do not protect your belongings, then Wisse Moving will be not held responsible for any damages or loss caused by this negligence.
  • Not to include in the move or in storage: jewellery, watches, bijouterie, precious stones or metals, money, titles or deeds, stamps, coins (or similar collections of any type), plants or animals, hazardous, illegal or perishable goods. We do not accept responsibility or claims for loss or damages to these articles if they are put in our care or custody. We recommend you to organise a different means of transport or storage for these articles.
  • To pay for any parking fees that may incur meanwhile we are working for you.
  • To declare in writing all the articles that may be subject to customs duties or restrictions. You agree to indemnify us for any claims, fines, costs, tariffs and expenses that may result from any imprecise or incorrect information supplied by you.

4. Route and method

You agree that:

  • Wisse Moving can select the transport method
  • Wisse Moving can subcontract. If we subcontract any services, these terms and conditions will also be valid for the subcontractors.
  • We can choose the route and means by which your goods are transported or stored
  • If we cannot deliver your belongings in the designated delivery address due to circumstances out of our control, then we can deliver your goods to our storage facility, or to a storage facility as close by to the delivery address as possible with available storage space. Our contract will finalise upon delivery to the storage facility and you agree to pay any subsequent charges for storage, handling and redelivery.

5. Transit times

The indicated transit times are always approximate. The real transit time depends on the availability of containers and trucks, capacity of container carriers, and can be altered by many circumstances (for example limitations for Covid-19, port congestion, strikes, bad weather, changes in routes, customs inspections etc.). Also we depend on the acceptation of the shipping lines and airlines of household goods and personal items, which can change without previous notice. Wisse Moving does not guarantee transit times, and we will not be responsible for any delays out of our control.

6. Limits to our liability

We will not be responsible for any damages, breakages, loss and other incidents that occur involuntarily, accidentally, for causes out of Wisse Moving’s control, by acts of third parties, by force majeure, or any other cause.

7. Transport insurance

We recommend all our clients to contract a transport insurance, as in case of loss, breakages or other incidents, our liability is very limited. We do offer a transport insurance for your move. The transport insurance is subject to terms and conditions.

8. Limits to our liability for damages to your property

If we commit negligence or are in another way responsible for causing damages to your property, then we will pay you:

  1. The repair cost for the affected area with a maximum of EUR 100, or
  2. A maximum of EUR 100 each affected property (house, flat, shop, garage box etc)

9. Exclusions to our liability

We will not be liable for:

  • Damages or loss caused by fire
  • Damages or loss caused whilst in the care or custody of the shipping line, airline or railway company. We will transfer to you the benefits of any rights we have against them under their terms and conditions which are governed by international conventions and protocols
  • Damages or loss caused to items which have been packed by you or others without adequate protection
  • Damages or loss to items which have been unpacked by you or others
  • Damages or loss to items if they are removed or delivered to unattended or unoccupied premises, or where third parties are present
  • Damages or loss caused by vermin, moths or other infestations
  • Damages or loss caused if goods have any inherent defects or suffer from any inherent vice
  • Damages or loss caused by war, invasions, acts of foreign enemies, hostilities (independently if war has been declared or not), civil war, rebellion, insurrection or coup d’état
  • Damages or loss caused by wear and tear, gradual deterioration, leaks or defects or items of a perishable or leaking nature, forces majeure and other circumstances beyond our control
  • Loss of use, loss of employment, loss of profits or other resulting losses

10. Payment

Unless agreed otherwise previously in writing, payment will be by bank transfer. 50% has to be paid upon reserving our services, and the rest of the pending amount has to be received by Wisse Moving on the first day of the move. A claim or litigation will not be justification to delay the payment to our account. No service will be reserved without having received a down payment.

In order for the transport insurance coverage to take effect, in case of being contracted, you will have to pay us the entire premium with a minimum of 7 days before the start of the move.

The monthly furniture storage service will be billed monthly, every two months or quarterly, as agreed in writing with Wisse Moving. Payment will be made at the beginning of each period.

11. Cancellation of the move

If you cancel the move 5 business days or less before the start of the work, we will charge you 20% of the amount of the move plus possible expenses incurred for reservations of means of transport, parking permits, insurance or any other expense.

12. Lien

A) If our charges are not paid, any goods in our possession or custody will be removed to store and retained until payment is made. We shall be entitled to charge for storing these goods. Any costs incurred by removing them to or from store will be met by you. All charges must be paid in full before the goods can be released. If our charges are not met in full on the due date, interest will be payable on all amounts outstanding.

B) “Lien” means the right to hold property until a debt is paid in full. We shall have a general or particular lien upon all goods in our possessions for all money you owe us or for expenses incurred by you and for payments we pay on your behalf. If some of the goods have been delivered, removed, dispatched, or sold the general lien shall apply to any goods that remain in our possession. We shall be entitled to charge warehouse rent and all other expenses that whilst we maintain a lien on the goods. All these conditions shall continue to apply on them.

C) End of agreement / power of sale. In the event of more than 12 weeks rental being outstanding we may give you 30 days written notice requiring you to remove all goods from our care, control or custody and pay all debts due. If you do not remove the goods we may sell or otherwise dispose of all or part of them without further notice. Any proceeds of sale will be credited to your storage account or against any other payments due to us from you. You will be responsible for any costs incurred by us in selling or disposing of the goods. Any surplus proceeds will be paid to you without interest.