Moving to Switzerland from Spain

Moving to Switzerland
Moving to Switzerland

Wisse Moving is the specialist for international removals to and from Spain. If you are moving to Switzerland from Spain we can definitely be of assistance. We would begin with a detailed proposal in writing. Once you’re ready to move we would agree upon the packaging and collection dates, and make sure that you have all the necessary documents to be able to import your move into Switzerland. Wisse Moving will take care of all the customs formalities, together with our agents in Switzerland. We take care of the transport insurance, and once your goods arrive at their destination we can unpack them as well if required. We will handle your move in the most efficient way, tailored to your preferences.

Free proposal for moving to Switzerland

Once you need to move you can contact Wisse Moving by phone, email, whatsapp or chat with us. We can give you rough information and an approximate price. If you require a more detailed proposal then you can book a pre-move video survey with one of your consultants. You can show all the goods to be moved with your smartphone, and the consultant will estimate the volume. We will also bear in mind the access situations, the packaging to be done and whether there are any particularly fragile or valuable items that need special protection. You can discuss any concerns you might have directly during the survey.

If you have a particularly large move, or many items that need special wrapping or protection, then we might decide to a a pre-move survey in person. Our consultant would visit you in your home in Spain, and estimate the volume. However, for the majority of moves a pre-move survey by video call is the most efficient form of determine all the factors that we require to prepare a budget.

Packaging of glassware
Packaging of glassware

The proposal is always free of charge and in writing. It clearly states all the inclusions and exclusions of the quote, so that upon moving there are no surprises.

Customs clearance for household goods in Switzerland

As Switzerland is not a member of the European Union, your household goods will have to be customs cleared in or to be able to import then in Switzerland. Wisse Moving will take care of the customs formalities. In order to be able to import your move, the following documents will be required. Bear in mind that this information should only be used as a rough guide. Customs regulation may change, and it is always the Swiss authorities that decide whether your move can be imported free of duties.

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    Absolutely perfect from moving day in Spain to delivery in USA. Extremely happy with their service. Highly recommended!!!!
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    Within 3 days everything was picked up in Amsterdam The Netherlands and moved to Madrid Spain. Excellent care for my belongings, great packaging to make sure everything stays in a good condition and also very responsive. A move abroad without … More any stress!
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    We used Wisse Moving in August 2022 to pack and put our belongings in storage in Madrid for 7 months. In March 2023 we moved back to the UK. We dealt with Rene throughout this process and he was great, always available friendly and professional. … More After unpacking we realized what a wonderful job of packing they did, we had NO breakages! Thank you Rene and your team. I would definitely use them again!

Required documents for customs clearance

  • Copy of passport with clear photo
  • Copy of CMR. Wisse Moving will provide this.
  • Original, signed Customs form 18.44 (application for duty & tax-free clearance of removal goods)
  • Supplemental declaration for alcoholic products (if applicable)
  • Detailed inventory list (Wisse Moving will prepare this upon collection)
  • Copy of residence permit
  • If the residence permits is not yet available, copy of the work contract or letter of employment from Swiss employer (all confidential data such as salary, bonus, etc may be deleted)
  • Registration at local Swiss town hall
  • Copy of lease agreement / purchase contract (property title)
  • Proof of stay more than 1 year outside of Switzerland for returing residents (military booklet, attestation from Swiss Consulate or earlier de-registration)

For diplomats only:

  • Original Customs form 14.60 provided by employer, duly signed, and stamped
  • Copy of “Carte de Légitimation”. The carte de légitimation takes about 2 months to be obtained.

Further information for moving to Switzerland:

  • Importing used household goods and personal effects into Switzerland is usually duty and tax free.
  • All documents must be available at the time when the Customs formalities are affected.
  • If documents are missing, Customs formalities can only arrange a temporary clearance.
  • In these circumstances, Swiss Customs will levy an appropriate fee or ask for a deposit which is laid down according to the volume of the removal.
  • Used household goods may be imported if it is in the owner of the goods’ possession, has been used abroad for at least 6 months, are for the continued use of the owner of the goods, and correspond to the normal requirements of an intended resident after importation.
  • Personal office goods and papers belonging to the owner of the goods are considered household goods.
  • Returning Swiss citizens qualify for duty-free entry if the duration of employment abroad exceeded 12 months.
  • If possible, all goods should be imported in one consignment.
  • Clients who are not officially changing residence from abroad will have to pay duties and taxes
  • Later consignments should be listed on the inventory of the first shipment.
  • If a later shipment is to follow, it should be noted on the owner of the goods’ declaration of personal household goods under the appropriate section.
  • In case the owner of the goods can prove that he is unable to proceed with the clearance of a second shipment, Customs will extend a delay for clearance up to 24 months from the date of the first clearance.
  • If a secondary home is bought or rented, import of removal goods is free of duties and taxes. However, importation must occur close to the time of the issue of the purchase or lease contract.

Importing cars in Switzerland

Loading a car into a container
Loading a car into a container

Cars do not fall under the above rulse and are not duty and tax-free, even if used. The necessary documents to import a motor vehicle into Switzerland:

  • Official foreign driver’s license
  • Original certificate title
  • Original bill of sale / purchase invoice

Prohibited, restricted and dutiable goods:

The following goods cannot be imported in Switzerland, or cannot be included in the move:

  • Food, perishable goods
  • Animals
  • Plants
  • Tobacco
  • Drugs and narcotics
  • Weapons, Ammunition
  • Anti-radar equipment
  • Animal products from protected / endangered species (ivory, skins etc.)
  • Fake items (e.g. watches, faked brand name & model items)

Dutiable goods:

You would pay duties over the following goods:

  • Goods that do not qualify as normal household goods
  • New items and consumer goods.
  • Alcohol exceeded the maximum quantities allowed.