How to contact Wisse Moving

There are several ways to contact Wisse Moving. Independently if you want an exact and detailed proposal for your move, or just a general idea about pricing or other information, we will be more than happy to attend you.

Pre-move survey by videocall

The easiest, quickest and most accurante way of getting an exact proposal for your move, is doing a videocall with one of our consultants. You can show us everything you want to move with your smartphone or tablet, and we will estimate the volume of the move. We will bear in mind the necessary packaging, access situations and all the other relevant variables. Besides you can ask us anything you want related to your move.

You can reserve a pre-move survey by videocall directly in the calender below. You will receive a confirmation email with a link. If you follow the link on the agreed day and time, you will connect directly with us. Very easy!

Contact form

For any enquiry you can fill out the contact form below. We will be in touch shortly.

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