Moving to Hong Kong from Spain

Moving to Hong Kong
Moving to Hong Kong

Wisse Moving can assist you if you are moving to Hong Kong from Spain. We prepare a hassle-free proposal to start with. On the moving day we take care of packaging all your personal belongings into boxes, and we wrap the furniture. Customs clearence will be taken care of both in Spain and in Hong Kong, and we will deliver into your new home and unpack everyhing at the destination. Furthermore we offer a transport insurance and temporal storage if required. Wisse Moving is a member of the International Association of Movers (IAM), which ensures you that you will get the same high quality of service in Hong Kong that you will receive in Spain. Moving to Hong Kong from Spain cannot be any easier!

Free proposal for moving to Hong Kong

In order to obtain a free proposal for your move to Hong Kong all you have to do is contact Wisse Moving. You can give us a call or send us an email and we’ll discuss all the possibities. You can also book a pre-move survey directly from our website. The main factor in calculating the price is the volume of your move. In the (virtual) pre-move survey you can show our consultant all the goods you want to move with your smartphone. This is a very easy and efficient way to estimate the volume of your move. During the pre-move survey we will also bear in mind the access situations, the amount of packaging to be done, and all your preferences.

If you have an especially large amount of goods to be moved, or many very fragile items that need special wrapping, then we can also decide to do a survey in person to your residence. For most moves however doing a virtual survey by smartphone is the best method to get a fast and accurate quote.

The proposal is free of charge. We will detail all the inclusions and exclusions clearly, in order to avoind any misunderstandings. We do not like surprises either!

Packaging of a mirror
Packaging of a mirror

Packaging of boxes and furniture

For a move to Hong Kong it is very important that all the goods are duly wrapped and arrive in perfect conditions at the destination. Wisse Moving’s professional teams of removal men will come to your house with all the necessary material, and we will put all the personal items into boxes. The furniture will be disassembled if required, and will be “export wrapped”.

If you have any particularly delicate or valuable object, then we can decide to do a special wrapping or create a wooden crate. This might be the case if you have large paintings or large tv’s, or fragile statues.

Full Sea container or part-load sea container

For a move to Hong Kong there are several options to do the transport.

  • By Sea container or FCL (Full Container Load). This is the best option if you have a considerable amount of boxes, and if you move furniture. We would wrap all the items in your residence in Spain, load them into a container, and ship them directly from the nearest port in Spain to the port of Hong Kong. In Hong Kong we deliver to your new home, and we unpack everything.
  • By part-load sea container or LCL. This is a goods option if you don’t move any furniture, or only some smaller pieces of furniture. We would pack and collect everything at your residence in Spain, and crate the goods into a “liftvan”. A liftvan is a multilayer cardboard crate, which is expecially designed to protect a move in a container. After crating your goods they will be loaded into a sea container together with other goods. Both the part-load container option and the full container option are equally safe. The desicion to use one method or the other is merely economical.
  • By Air. If you don’t have many goods and if your move has to arrive urgently at its destination, then we can send the goods by air. This is an option worth considering for move between 1 – 3 cubic metres without furniture.
A liftvan
A liftvan

Wisse Moving will compare the best option for your move, and offer you the solution that best suits your budget and needs.

  • Cindy S. ★★★★★
    Absolutely perfect from moving day in Spain to delivery in USA. Extremely happy with their service. Highly recommended!!!!
  • Stephanie S. ★★★★★
    Within 3 days everything was picked up in Amsterdam The Netherlands and moved to Madrid Spain. Excellent care for my belongings, great packaging to make sure everything stays in a good condition and also very responsive. A move abroad without … More any stress!
  • andy B. ★★★★★
    We used Wisse Moving in August 2022 to pack and put our belongings in storage in Madrid for 7 months. In March 2023 we moved back to the UK. We dealt with Rene throughout this process and he was great, always available friendly and professional. … More After unpacking we realized what a wonderful job of packing they did, we had NO breakages! Thank you Rene and your team. I would definitely use them again!

Customs clearance in Hong Kong

Wisse Moving and our agents will take care of the customs formalities once your goods arrive to Hong Kong. Eventhough the move consist of your personal belongings, it still has to be customs clearance. Below you can find the necessary documents and the list of prohibited items. Note that this article is merely informative, and should only be used as a rough guide. The fianl desicion whether you can import your move into Hong Kong depends on the authorities. Normally all household goods and personal effects can be imported free of duty.

Required documents to import household goods in Hong Kong

  • Copy of passport (identification pages only)
  • Bill of lading, seaway bill or airway bill (Wisse Moving will provide these)
  • Detailed inventory (Wisse Moving will prepare this upon collection)
  • Full contact details of the owner of the goods in Hong Kong (address, phone/fax number, email etc)

Restricted / prohibited items for moving to Hong Kong

The following items cannot be imported in Hong Kong, and/or cannot be included in your move:

  • Plants, plant products
  • Animals
  • Weapons, ammunition, explosives etc
  • Controlled chemicals
  • Drugs
  • Rough diamonds
  • Counterfeit goods
  • Food, food items
  • Pornographic materials

Alcohol can be imported paying import duties.