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Groupage Container

liftvan - crate for groupage transport

If you need to move to another continent, but you do not have enough things to fill an entire container, often a good solution would be to use a groupage container. Wisse Moving offers groupage options between most countries. We take care of packaging your goods, and of putting them into a "liftvan", a wooden or cardboard crate, which ensures that your belongings arrive at their destination in perfect conditions. We also take care of customs clearance and of delivery to your residence at destination.

Part-load transport by Truck in Europe

groupage truck - part-load removal

Wisse Moving offers removals in Europe by part-load removals truck. In many cases, the best option for your European move would be by part-load truck, in which we combine several removals from on destination to another. We have weekly transports between Spain and the UK, but we also offer very regular moving options to other European countries, such as The Netherlands, Belgium, France, Germany, Switzerland, Scandinavia and much more. Part-load transport is completely safe, as our crews make an inventaroy list of all your belongings upon loading, which gets checked once again upon unloading. Each of your items will be labeles and seperated in the truck from other removals. We can do a complete moving service, with packaging and unpacking of boxes and disaeembling and assembly of your furniture, but we also have the "do-it-yourself" option, where you can take care of the packaging and assmbly of your furniture.

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