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Premium Home Oganizer Service

Premium Home Organizer Service

Our new Premium Service: Home Organizer

Having to move can be very stressing. Especially in an international move there are many things to organize. When you arrive at your new destination it may seem that the world has ended; there will be boxes everywhere, and you might not find the clothes that you have to put on to start your new job the next day. Of course, the team of movers have unpacked all the boxes with fragile items when they delivered the move, but everything is still a chaos. For families an professionals moving to Spain we now offer a premium service “Home Organizer”.

Unpacking of boxes and putting contents into closets

The difference between a standard international moving service and a premium service lies in the unpacking of boxes. Our premium unpacking service includes putting all the clothes neatly in the closets and drawers. If required we fold the clothes. We unpack the glassware, and place it in the cupboards. Everything will be put in its place, so you can start living in peace right away. We help you convert your new house or flat into your new home!

White glove packaging service

If you are moving away from Spain we can also assist you organizing. Within the Premium Home Organizer Service we offer a complete “white glove” packaging service for clothing. We will fold the clothes neatly and we’ll place them into prime quality boxes. For suits and dresses, and other hanging clothes, we use “wardrobe boxes”. All the clothes that require it will be transported hung in boxes.

Complete and very personalized moving services

Like in all our moves, the service we offer is highly personalized. The personalization starts when we first prepare the quote. We start of with a videocall, with which we can estimate the volume of the move, and we can adjust the service to your needs. Our moving services are always door-to-door, and include packaging and customs clearance. If you need extra assistance in preparing your clothes for the packaging, or if you want to feel right at home when you arrive in Spain, then our Premium Home Organizer service might be for you. At the moment we only offer this service in Madrid, Barcelona and Valencia. Contact us for more information.