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Moving to Scotland

Moving to Scotland from Spain

Moving to Scotland from Spain

Wisse Moving offers a door-to-door removal service. If you are moving to Scotland from Spain you can count on us to take care of the whole process. We start off with a free, detailed proposal. If required we can take care of packaging of boxes, disassembling and wrapping of furniture and storage. Once your goods arrive to Scotland we can unpack the boxes, assemble the furniture and take away the packing debris. Parking permits are often required, we also take care of this.

Free proposal for your move

Once you decide to move to Scotland you can contact us anytime. We can give you rough information over the phone, whatsapp, email or webchat. If you need a detailed proposal with all the inclusions, exclusions, possible charges etc etc., then we can do a pre-move survey. You can book a pre-move survey by videocall directly here. With your smartphone you can show one of our consultants the personal items to be taken, the furniture to be included, and you can ask anything that concerns you regarding your upcoming move to Scotland from Spain.

The consultant also bears in mind the access situations, the amount of packaging to be done, possible fragile items that might need crating or special wrappings, and all your preferences regarding moving dates. In case you need temporal storage we can offer this in Spain and in Scotland. We offer storage in Barcelona, Madrid, Alicante, Valencia, Málaga and many more places in Spain. In Scotland we can offer temporal, safe storage in Aberdeen, Edinburgh and Glasgow. Wisse Moving is a member of the International Association of Movers (IAM). This global network of movers enables us to offer storage and other services around the world, also in Scotland.

Packaging of glassware
Packaging of glassware

Packaging of boxes

We like the move to be done as smootly and headache-free for our clients as possible. That’s why Wisse Moving can take care of packaging the boxes. On the moving day our experienced team of packers comes to your residence with all the necessary materials, and we pack everything into boxes. You don’t have to worry about packaging beforehand, and all the materials are included in the price. In this way you have time to take care of other aspects of moving internationally. Also for people busy working or for families with small childres having the packaging done by Wisse Moving is a relief.

If you are handy, and you have enough spare time, then you can also take care of the packing yourself. We organise the move always the way that is best suited for each client.

Part-load move to Scotland from Spain

We carry out most moves between Spain and scotland by moving truck as part-load. Due to the distance between Spain and Scotland driving all the way only for your move is not efficient economically. We have regular routes between Spain and Scotland with very large trucks, in which we combine the moves of several clients. Part-load transport is complete safe: all the goods get duly wrapped, and an inventory list is made upon collection. We can also cater for your preferred dates: collection can be done on the dates of your choice with smaller vans. We would then take the goods back to one of our warehouse, and from there we combine your move in a part-load truck.

For some large moves we can also use a sea container. Whether a sea container is cost-effective depends in a large part on the volume of the move and of the origin and delivery addresses. Upon preparing the proposal Wisse Moving will compare all the options, and we will offer you the best price / quality ratio to solve your move in the best way possible.

Moving to Scotland after the Brexit

As the United Kingdom has officially left the European Union, it will be necessary to customs clear your belongings in order to transport them to Scotland. Wisse Moving will take care of all the necessary customs formalities.

In order to be able to do the customs formalities you will have to apply for a “Transfer of residence Relief”.