Wisse Moving is an expert in moving to Saudi Arabia from Spain. Our international moving service is always door-to-door, and we take care of packaging and customs clearance. We can also take care of storage, and we offer a transport insurance.

How can I organise my move to Saudi Arabia from Spain?

The first step to organise a move to Saudi Arabia from Spain is to get a quote. Wisse Moving can prepare a proposal free of charge. The fastest and easiest way to get a quote for your move to KSA is to do a videocall with one of our consultants. In this way we can estimate the volume and comment the options. We will take into account you date preferences, the type of packaging required, the access situations to the residences, and all other relevant details. With a good preparation we will make sure that your move to Saudi Arabia will be a total success!

What can I expect of my move with Wisse Moving?

Wisse Moving will do the following:

  • A videocall to estimate the volume of the move and to comment the options
  • Prepare a detailed and clear proposal, without surprises
  • We will advise you about the required documentation, the best way to carry out the move, expected transit times etc.
  • Wisse Moving will prepare a formal and transparent invoice
  • We will take care of parking permits if required
  • Our team will pack the boxes with personal items, disassemble the furniture if required, and wrap it perfectly.
  • We can prepare special packaging for paintings, mirrors, ornaments, especially big tv’s, glass table tops etc. All the necessary materials are included in our services. You won’t have to buy the packing materials separately.
  • We will take care of customs clearance, both to export your belongings from Spain, as to import the goods into Saudi Arabia. Bear in mind that you will have to provide us with the necessary documents, such as a copy of your residence permit, authorisations, copy of your passport etc.
  • Optionally we offer a transport insurance and storage options.
  • Our agents in Saudi Arabia are part of the International Association of Movers (IAM), as are we. This ensures you that you will receive the same high standard of service both in Spain as in Saudi Arabia.

Transport options for moving to Saudi Arabia from Spain

  • For smaller shipments of boxes without furniture or only smaller pieces of furniture, we would normally do a groupage shipment in a part-load sea container. After we pack the boxes, we would crate them into “liftvans”. These liftvans are very resistant multi-layer cardboard boxes, especially designed for part-load sea shipments. The liftvan would be loaded into a groupage container together with other goods. Normally there are weekly shipping options.
  • For larger shipments we could use a sea container only for your move. We would wrap and pack everything perfectly. Normally the goods would go palletised or in liftvans in the container. The most important part is that everything arrives in perfect conditions at its destination.
  • For shipments of small amounts of personal items, with urgency to arrive as soon as possible, we might consider airfreight as well.
A liftvan
A liftvan

Customs clearance in Saudi Arabia

Once your move arrives to the port of entry in Saudi Arabia, it will have to be customs clearance. Before transporting the goods from Spain we will make sure that you have all the necessary documentation, so we can avoid unnecessary delays and costs. As a general rule, you would have to have an “iqama”, a residence permit, in order to be able to move to Saudi Arabia. Depending on your particular situation we will assist you.

Prohibited objects

It is very important not to include the following in your move:

  • All games of chance (gambling paraphernalia) including chess sets, dice, backgammon and the likes
  • Animal skins in commercial quantities
  • Weapons and firearms (real or ornamental, antiques, etc.) including guns, ammunition, fireworks, spears, etc.  (if imported, the owner of the goods will be subject to investigation that may result in fines and/or prison)
  • Military uniforms or military equipment of any kind
  • Alcoholic beverages or food products containing alcohol such as vanilla, flavouring extract, cooking wines, etc.
  • Books, wine making kits, or other items used in the preparation or manufacture of alcoholic drinks and beverages
  • Narcotics and unidentified medicines
  • Radio transmitter or communication equipment / devices.
  • Stuffed animals (products of taxidermy), statues, figurines, carving or objects depicting human or animal forms
  • Pornographic materials and literature, including fashion magazines with people wearing underwear or swimsuits
  • Any foodstuffs containing pork and related pork meat products, etc.
  • Any books pertaining to religions other than Islam