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Moving to Barcelona

Moving to Barcelona

Moving to Barcelona

Wisse Moving is the most complete option if you are moving to Barcelona. We offer a complete door-to-door service. Packaging, customs clearance and a transport insurance are included, and storage can be handled as well. Your move will be in good hands with Wisse Moving, we’ll take care of everything.

Free proposal

Before we actually begin with the move, we’ll prepare a free, detailed proposal. You can contact us and we’ll make an appointment for a pre-move survey by video call. You can show all your personal items and furniture you want to move to our surveyor, and we’ll estimate the volume of your goods. We’ll also bear in mind access situations, possible special items that need extra wrapping, and your preferred moving dates. If you have any comments or concerns you can also discuss these with the surveyor. We’ll prepare a personalized proposal adjusted to your situation and your preferences.

Moving to Barcelona from UK

Moving to Barcelona from UK is still relatively easy. Inspite of the Brexit there are no customs formalities to be done, at least until 31/12/2020. After that date, in theory, the situation will change and borders will be put up again. The EU is still negotiating with the UK government still though, and the future situation is not clear at the moment.

Removals from the UK to Barcelona are usually done by part-load trucks. If required we pack your move anywhere in the UK. Then we collect it, and we combine the move together with the goods of other clients in large groupage trucks to Spain. We have regular transports from the UK to Spain and vice versa. In Barcelona we deliver to your new residence, and we unpack the goods if you prefer so.

Moving by sea container
Moving by sea container

Moving to Barcelona from the US

For moving to Barcelona from the US we will always take care of wrapping your goods perfectly. We can collect anywhere in the USA. For transport to Spain the most common options are a sea container or a part-load sea container. For smaller, urgent shipments there is also an option to send goods by airfreight.

If you have a large number of boxes with personal items and furniture, then usually we would use a sea container only for your move.Everything will be perfectly pack, and we would ship from the nearest port in the USA to the port of Barcelona.

If you don’t have too many boxes, and only some smaller pieces of furniture or no furniture at all, then we would pack your goods and crate them. the crate would be shipped in a part-load container together with other goods. Both options are equally safe and fast. The desicion whether to use a container only for your goods, or a part-load container is purely economical.

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5.0 21 reviews

  • Avatar Ruth Westnidge ★★★★★ hace 2 años
    Perfect service. Moved work items and home contents Barcelona to Lanzarote. Professional, calm plus accurate information (this move involves boat transport and customs). Zero drama. Nothing missing, nothing broken and kept to agreed times … More and budget. All of this during the Covid problems, and at the last minute as another 2 companies couldn't handle the move. Thank you René, yes I would absolutely reccomend this company.
  • Avatar Elizabeth Brown ★★★★★ hace 4 años
    Used Wisse Moving to ship our household goods from Valencia to New Zealand Dec 2018. They were professional, items were packed up well and no breakages.Our items arrived in NZ on time and the company they partnered with in NZ were excellent. … More
  • Avatar Vladimir Tsoy ★★★★★ hace 4 años
    Used their services to move from Barcelona to Helsinki and found the entire experience very pleasant. The movers were on time, responses to my emails were quick and after we finished packing they stepped forward and offered me refund due … More to me slightly overestimating the amount of stuff that I had. 5/5

Customs clearance in Barcelona

When your move arrive to Barcelona, it will have to be customs cleared. Wisse Moving will take care of customs formalities on your behalf. Customs clearance is usually only required if your goods come from a non-EU country. For moves coming from the United Kingdom customs clearance is not required at the moment.

Storage in Barcelona

If the goods arrive to Barcelona, but you still don’t have a place to deliver them to, then Wisse Moving offers a storage solution. We have a safe and dry storage facility on the outskirts of Barcelona. We can store the goods any amount of time before you can take delivery. If you’re moving with a vehicle to Barcelona then we can also hand-out the car from our warehouse.

Moving with outside elevator
Moving with outside elevator

Delivery with full service

Once you’re ready to receive your belongings into your new residence, then parking permits will have to be arranged. In Barcelona parking permits are mandatory to occupy the road. Wisse Moving will take care of these as well. The costs depends on the area, and of the time that the permit is necessary.

We can unpack your furniture and assemble it again. Optionally the boxes can be unpacked, and all the packing debris will be removed and recycled as well.

Useful links

  • Ajuntament de Barcelona (Barcelona town hall). Here you can apply for your “padrón” (inscription as a resident in Barcelona). You can also aply for other services here.
  • Dirección General de Tráfico (traffic department). Here you can registrer vehicles, renew your drivers’ license and much more.
  • Ministerio del Interior. Here you can apply for NIE = Número de Identificación fiscal para Extranjeros. This is a tax identification number for foreigners which you will need when you are importing a move in Spain. You also need the number to pay any taxes, buy properties, registrer vehicles etc etc.
  • Agencia Tributaria. Here you have to registrer your NIE number in order to activate it once you have obtained it.