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How much does a move cost?

The price of a move depends on the loading and unloading addresses, the quantity of the goods to be moved, the services required (packaging, disassembling, assembling etc.), and the access situation to the residences. Wisse Moving will make a proposal for your move in writing, free of charge.

Do you offer a moving service in the whole of Spain?

Wisse Moving offers a moving service all over Spain. We have offices in Calella (Barcelona) and in Madrid. We carry out international removals from Spain to the rest of the world. We can also take care of your move from other countries to Spain.

How can I obtain a quote for my move? If the quote free of charge?

In order to prepare a proposal for your move, we would need to know the following: the loading and unloading addresses, the goods to be transported, the required services (packaging, assembling, storage etc.), en the planned moving date. U can contact us by phone, by email, by WhatsApp and trhough the chat on our website.

Depending on the loading address, the goods to be moved and the destination, we can visit you in your residence. In this way we can estimate the volume of the goods and anwer any questions you might have about your move. We can also do a virtual survey to your residence by video chat.

The proposal if free of charge and non-committal.

I don't speak Spanish. Can you attend me in English?

We are an international company, and we deal with people from many different nationalities on a daily basis. We can assist you in Spanish, English and Dutch.

My company is paying for my move. Can you make an invoice in my company's name?

Wisse Moving will prepare a formal invoice for all the services we carry out for you. The IVA (VAT) will be specified on the invoice. We can invoice either in your name or in your company's name.

In order to prepare your invoice, we need the following details:

For an invoice to a private person: full name, address and if you live in Spain, your NIE number. If you don't live in Spain, and don't have a NIE number,  the we would need your passport number.

For an invoice in a company's name: If it's a Spanish company, the name, address and CIF number. If the company is not Spanish, then we would need the name, address and European VAT number.

Can I pay by credit card?

We accept Visa and Mastercard from banks from EU countries.

Credit cards Visa or Mastercard “business”, or credit cards Visa or Mastercard from banks from non-EU countries have a supplement of 3% of the payable amount.

We do not accept credit cards from American Express, Diners Club of China Union.

How long does it take to do a move?

The time necessary to carry out your move depends on the addresses, the quantity of goods to be moved and the services that are required. If the move takes place in the same town, then the move may take 1 -3 days, depending on the quantity of goods, the access situations to the residences and the services you require (packaging, disassembling, assembling etc.). If you move to a different country, then the time depends on the destination of the move, and the transport means (truck, sea container, airfreight, groupage transport etc.). Upon preparing the proposal for your move, Wisse Moving can give you an estimate of the transit times.

What is the best means of transport for my move?

For moves within Europe we usually carry out the transport by part-load moving truck. Depending on the volume and the itinerary, we could also do the move by direct, dedicated truck.

For moves to other continents, or certain countries in Europe, we offer transport by dedicated sea container (only for your move), or by part-load sea container. Depending on the volume of your move, the seafreight rates and the port charges, Wisse Moving will determine the best option for your removal.

For small, urgent moves we offer the possibility of airfreight.

All our services are door-to-door, and include customs formalities if applicable.


Can Wisse Moving pack the boxes with my personal belongings?

We offer a complete packaging services. On the collection day, our crew will bring all the necessary material, and we will pack you personal belongings in boxes (in case you have contracted this service). If Wisse Moving packs your boxes, then you can rest asure that the packaging is well done, and you save yourself a lot of time.

Do I have to disassemble and assemble the furniture myself? How do I pack the furniture?

Normally, Wisse Moving will take care of disassembling and assembling of your furniture (depending on the contracted services)., If you prefer so, you can also disassemlbing and assemble your own furniture. It is not necessary to disassemble everything; nightstand, chairs or chests are normally not taken apart. If the furniture can be carried out and into the residence without problems, the it won't be necessary to disassemble it. Ask us in case of doubt.

Wisse Moving will always protect your furniture, If you move is within the same town or in Europe, then we normally protect the furniture with removal blankets. If the move is overseas, the we will export wrap your furniture, with cardboard and/or bubble wrap.

We can do special packagings or make wooden crates for especially fragile or antique furniture.

I have a number of very fragile items. How can I pack them?

In most removals there are items that need extra wrapping, such as glassware, large tv's, computers, paintings etc., Our personnel can protect these items in such a way that they arrive without damages at their destination. We have the necessary experience and materials for this.

If you have especially fragile or valueble items, then we have the possibility to custom make wooden or cardboard crates.

I want to transport my car or motorbike. Can I add my vehicle to the move?

We offer the possibility to transport your car or motorbike. Within the EU, we usually transport cars in special car transports, as part-load, separately from the household goods. Motorbikes are usually transported in the same removal truck as the household goods.

If you move is going outside of the EU, then we can transport your car or motorbike together with your household goods in the same sea container. For motorbikes we can fabricate special crates. Wisse Moving takes care of the customs formalities, but you will have to unregister and register the vehicles yourself with the traffic authorities. In some countries you have to be present for customs clearance.

It is not always possible to import a vehicle in a country outside of the EU. The USA and Canada for example have strict emissions regulations. It might also not be pratical to transport a European car to a country where people drive on the left-hand side of the road. Some countries have very high import duties, which might make it economically prohibitive to transport your vehicles.Finally, in some countries as Brazil, it is simply forbidden for a private person to import a vehicle.

I need temporal or long term storage for my move. Is this possible?

We have possibilities to store your goods temporarily between collection and delivery of your move. Not only in Barcelona, Madrid, Alicante, Marbella and other cities in Spain, but also in London, Amsterdam, New York, Dubai, Sydney and many other places. Depending on the volume of your goods and of the destination of your move, we will find the best solution for your case.

We also offer long-term storage.

I am moving to a different country. Does my move have to pass customs?

If you're moving within the European Union, then customs clearance is not required.

If you're moving to or from a country outside of the European Union, then customs clearance is mandatory, eventhough the move consists of your own personal belongings.

Wisse moving will take care of customs clearance in most countries. In some countries (eg Canada), you will have to be present in order to do the customs clearance. When we prepare the proposal for your move we will inform you about the necessary documents to do the customs clearance.

Are there goods that I can't include in my move?

If you're moving within the same town, within Spain or within the EU, then we can transport almost all of your household goods. However, there are goods that cannot come in the moving truck. For example: live animals, hazardous goods (gas bottles, weapons, inflammable goods etc.), money, jewelry, perishable goods (food). We recommend not to take live plants in the move if the transport take more than a couple of days. We recommend not to take any open bottles of cleaning liquids.

If you're move to a country outside of the EU, then it depends on the destination which goods you cannot import. As a general rule, we do not transport animals, plants, medicines, hazardous or perishable goods. EAch country has its own regulations regarding which items cannot be imported. Wisse Moving will inform you about the prohibited items upon preparing the proposal for your move.

To some destinations you may take wine in your move, paying import duties. We can inform you about this.

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