International Removals to Spain

Moving to Spain from anywhere in the world.

Wisse Moving is an international removals company, and we can assist you when you’re moving to Spain. We offer a door-to-door international removals service from anywhere in the world to Spain. Our professional removal men will take care of packaging of all your belongings, so that everything arrives in perfect conditions at its destination. We have an international agents network all over the world, and we are a member of the prestigious International Association of Movers (IAM)

How to get a quote for your move

The price for a move to Spain depends on the origin of the move, the volume of the goods to be transported, and the service you require. Before carrying out the move, Wisse moving will estimate the volume of your goods, and will prepare a custom made proposal based on the particular situation of each client. The quote will be personalized, without any obligations. In order to prepare a proposal correctly, and to avoind any surprises, we would need to know the following:

  • The volume of the goods. We can determine the volume basing ourselves on a list of the goods provided by the client, by a physical survey in the client’s residence, or by video chat.
  • The exact collection and delivery addresses. It is very important to know whether we can park at the addresses with a truck, and whether there is a suitable lift.
  • The preferred moving date.
  • The required service (whether you need a packaging service, and disassembling/assembling of furniture, storage, elevators, special packaging or crating of goods etc. etc.)
  • Any other details that can help us give you the service that suits you most.

Wisse Moving treats your data confidentially; we never pass your details to third parties.

Moving to Spain from another EU country.

Moving from another EU country to Spain is relatively easy; in the majority of cases your goods do not have to pass Customs. We regularly have possibilities to do part-load (groupage) moves from may countries, such as The Netherlands, United Kingdom, Scandinavia, Germany, Bastic States, Romania, Italy, Portugal etc. Depending on the siza of your move and of the origin, we can decide on doing your move by truck, by sea or by air.

Moving to Spain from a non-EU country

If you are moving to Spain from outside of the European Union, then your goods will have to pass Customs. Wiss Moving, together with our customs agents, will take care of the import customs clearance on your behalf. Before starting the move we will inform you of the necessary documents, and whether it is possible to import your move into Spain. Depending on the volume of your move and of the origin, we would do your move by a sea container only for you, by part-load sea container shared with other goods, by truck or by air.

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International Removal to Spain – delivering with outside elevator

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