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Moving back to the USA – Easy with Wisse Moving

Moving back to the USA – we’ve got it covered

Many American expats planning on moving back to the USA. The school season will come to an end in just a few months, and this is the time to start making preparations. If you prepare the move well, then the process will be relatively painless. This is where Wisse Moving can be of assistance: we have years of experience in moving to the USA from Spain. We take care of parking permits, packaging, customs clearance both in Spain and in the USA and of the transport insurance. If needed we can provide storage both in Barcelona (or any other place in Spain) and in the USA.

What do I have to bear in mind when preparing my move?

If you’re thinking about moving towards the end of June or in July, then it is very important to book your move well in advance. The Summer months are the busiest time of year for moving companies. It is recommendable to get quotes and to decide on the moving company 2 – 3 months before the moving date. It is also very important to choose a moving company with experience in international moving. A few indications you can follow when you choose your mover are reviews, and whether they are part of an international movers association.

Can I ship any goods in my move?

You can ship normal household goods and personal items without any problem. As a general rule, you can’t ship food or drinks, nor hazardous or perishable goods. You can find more complete information about restricted and dutiable items here.

If you have a car or motorbike that has been previously imported into Spain from the USA, then you can normally ship it back. We would add the car or motorbike to the container with your household goods. We also have possibilities to crate your motorbike if necessary. If you’ve bought your car in Spain, then normally it is not economically feasable to import it to the USA, due to different emission standards.

I’m not moving back to the USA, but to a different destination. Is that possible?

Wisse Moving carries out moves all over the world. If you’re not moving back to the USA, but for example to The Netherlands, Japan or the Bahamas, then we can also be of use. We also offer a complete removals service within the Barcelona province and other places in Spain.

How can I get a quote?

In order to get a (free) quote for your move, you can give us a call or send us an email. We can attend you in English. In order to make an estimate, we can do a survey at your residence. We can als do a virtual survey by video chat.

Don’t hesitate to contact us, we’re looking forward to hearing from you!

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