moving to London from Spain

Moving to London is still very popular

Moving to London from Spain

Moving to London from Spain is still very popular, in spite of, and maybe because of, the imminent Brexit. Mostly Brits move back to the UK from Spain, but there are still expats moving to London and the rest of England as well. Although there is much uncertainty for expats whether it will be possible to live and work in the UK, still many people start a new job and a new life in England.

Easy moving without headaches

If you’re moving to London, or if you’re planning a move to any other place in the UK, Wisse Moving can assist. We are specialists with years of experience in organizing your international removal from Spain to any destination in the world. We take care of packaging and customs clearance (if applicable), and we make sure that all of your goods arrive at their destination. Because accidents may happen, we offer complete insurance coverage* for your move. You can rest asure that you and your move will be well taken care of.

Temporal storage in Spain and in the UK

Many of our clients need to have their belongings stored temporarily between collection and delivery. Wisse Moving offers this possibility at several locations in Spain and in the UK. Depending on your needs we will find the most cost-effective storage solution, in Madrid, Barcelona, Bilbao, London or a different city.

How to get a detailed proposal for your international removal

Obtaining a detailed offer for your move is quite easy. You can contact us anytime, and we will attend to your needs in English. Depending on the quantity of goods, and on your location, we might do a physical survey to your residence. A different option is to do a virtual survey by video chat. For the latter you only need a smartphone and a good internet connection. It is free of charge and does not take up much of your time.

We’re looking forward to preparing a proposal for your move!



*charges will apply.

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