Video chat: an easy way to get a quote for your move

Video chat: an easy and quick way to get a quote for your move.

Moving quote by video chat

Wisse Moving presents a novelty in Spain: the possibility to get a quote for your move by video chat. We have integrated a new technology in order to provide a better service to our clients. Instead of receiving a physical visit from our surveyor, we can do the estimate for your move over your smartphone. You would only need an Iphone or an Android smartphone, and a good internet or WiFi connection. During the video survey you would be connected to one of our surveyors. You can show all the personal items and furniture you want to move. You can also comment any special wishes or ask any questions you may have. At the same time, the surveyor can explain the way we would handle your move, and explain the different options. Although the survey is from a distance, you still have direct contact with one of our representatives.

Doing a survey by modern Video Chat has several advantages: it gives much flexibility to choose the time for the survey, as the surveyor does not have to travel to your home. It might be that you need the survey to be done early in the morning before going to work. You might need the survey in the evening, or on a Saturday. Doing a video survey instead of a physical survey, it is much easier to agree on a day and a time. If you live in a remote place, then you can also receive a (virtual) visit from our surveyor to do a professional estimate of the volume. There are no geographical boundries; if you’re moving from the USA, Dubai, Thailand or any other place, we can still visit you.

Easy, quick and modern.

All you need is an Iphone or and Android phone, and a good internet connection. It is also very quick: we normally will be able to do the survey by video chat on the same day. You will have a quote for your move in no time.

In order to schedule a survey by video chat you can contact us any moment.

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