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Moving to Spain

Wisse Moving, the specialist for moving to Spain

If you are moving to Spain, Wisse Moving can assist. We offer a door-to-door removals service from almost anywhere in the world to most places in Spain. Depending on where you are moving from, we will take care of the import customs clearance. We will deliver into your new residence. If needed we unpack, assemble the furniture, and take away the packing debris.

Origin services and freight

Getting a free quote for your removal

When you’re planning on moving to Spain, you can contact Wisse Moving to a free quote. Depending on the quantity of household goods and where you are moving from, we can either collect all the necessary information by phone or email, or we can send a representative to your home. We will assess the volume of your goods and you needs, and we’ll provide you with a free quote.

Different freight options

If you are moving from a different continent, then we can do the move in a sea container only for you, or in a part-load container together with other clients. This depends on the volume of the goods. both options are equally safe. For small and urgent moves there is an option for airfreight. Most major airlines have regular flights to Spain, especially to Madrid and Barcelona.

If you’re moving to Spain from a country on the European continent or from the UK, we offer part-load transport by truck. Depending on the volume of your move we might also do the transport in a direct truck only for your move.

Importing your household goods – customs clearance in Spain

If you are moving from another country in the European Union, the goods can enter Spain without have to pass Customs. If you are moving from a country that is not part of the European Union, then your household goods always have to be customs cleared. Eventhough they are your own personal belongings. Wisse Moving will take care of the customs clearance, you only have to provide us with the required documents. Supposing you are not a Spanish citizen and not a diplomat, the following documents are normally required:

  • copy of your passport
  • copy of your NIE (Fiscal Identification Number for foreigners). Note that a NIE is always necessary for importing any move into Spain.
  • a (valued) packing list of your goods.
  • a «baja consular»: you will have to apply for a certificate with your consulate at origin, stating the time you have lived in the country of origin. You can only apply for duty-free entry of you goods if you have lived more than one year outside of Spain.
  • a «padrón»: the inscription in the register of the town where you will be living in Spain.

This information is meant for general information and as a guide only. Please contact us for the exact requirements applicable to your case when you’re moving to Spain.

Delivery of your move to your residence in Spain

After customs clearance, our crew will deliver your belongings into your new residence in Spain. If required we can assemble the furniture, unpack the boxes and take away the debris. If needed we can provide storage in Barcelona, Madrid, Valencia, Alicante, Bilbao, Málaga and many other places. Almost anything is possible, don’t hesitate to ask!



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