Moving to Dubai

Moving to Dubai: Wisse Moving got it covered.

Moving to Dubai: our services

Wisse Moving can assist you when you’re moving to Dubai. We offer a complete door-to-door removal service from your residence in Spain to your residence in Dubai. We take care of packaging, customs clearance, terminal handling charges, and delivery your new residence in Dubai. If required we can offer storage both in Spain and in Dubai. Collection can be anywhere in Spain; amongst other places, we have professional crews in Barcelona, Madrid, Valencia, Bilbao, Málaga, Alicante and Palma de Mallorca who will treat your belongings with the utmost care. Our crew in Dubai will deliver the goods into your new residence, unpack the boxes, assemble the furniture and take away the packing debris upon delivery.

Storage and insurance

If you’re moving to Dubai, but you don’t have your residence permit yet, or if you can’t receive the goods right away, then we can offer secure storage both in Spain and in Dubai. Eventhough we treat your goods with the maximum care, there is always a chance that damages or accidents occur. We offer a transport insurance for these eventualities.

Necessary documents for moving to Dubai

The following documents are needed for a move from Spain to Dubai. These requirements are for private persons. If you are a diplomat, please check with us which documents are needed.

  • copy of your Spanish DNI or NIE
  • copy of your passport
  • Authorization for customs clearance in Spain (Wisse Moving will provide this)
  • Valued packing list of the goods (Wisse Moving will prepare this)
  • Seawaybill, Airwaybill or express Bill of Lading (Wisse Moving will take care of this)
  • Copy of residence permit / visa for the United Arab Emirates
  • Employment visa with entry stamp of UAE if residence visa not ready / Emirates ID copy / Emirates ID application form
  • Letter of authorization / undertaking (Wisse Moving will provide this)

Note that all these documents have to be in place before the goods arrive to the port or airport in Duabi. Your move cannot be imported into the UAE without a valid residence permit / visa. Customs regulations and required documents can change any moment without prior notification.

What to bear in mind for importing your move to Dubai

  • Import shipments may be intensively inspected by Customs authorities with charges incurred.
  • The importation of household goods and personal effects into the UAE is exempted from Customs duties.
  • If any prohibited items are found during the Customs inspection, severe punishment will be imposed including fines, imprisonment, or both. All import duties are charged based on the costs, insurance, and freight (CIF) value of the shipment. All import duties are changed at 5% of the value of the item.
  • Do not send insurance or any other documents showing the true value of the goods with the shipment to avoid the payment of heavy customs duties.
  • It takes approximately 4 – 7 work days for sea shipments, 3 – 5 days for air shipments.
  • Please note that Friday / Saturday is a weekend in Dubai and for Dubai Customs. Hence, no customs clearance and inspection can take place during these two days.

Prohibited items for moving to Dubai

The following items are not allowed to be imported:

  • Weapons of all kinds
  • Military uniforms
  • Alcohol and spirits
  • Narcotics of all kinds, including poppy seeds, flowers and leaves
  • Banned substances, including drugs and medicines
  • Radio transmitters, wireless transmitters and communication equipment
  • Gambling games
  • Statues and figures of animals with religious undertones
  • Carvings and statues of humans (especially nude)
  • Pornographic materials
  • Controversial political and religious literature and materials contrary to Islamic principles
  • Toxic and radioactive materials
  • Items manufacture by Israeli black-list and of Israeli origin
  • Food items containing pork
  • Articles made from endangered animals or made of ivory or rhinoceros horn
  • Any other goods, the importation of which is prohibited under the authority of U.A.E. Customs laws or any other laws in the country

This list of goods is only intented as a guide and for information. Changes in prohibited goods may occur wihout prior notification.

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